Any synthetic hockey field requires ongoing maintenance. Compared to grounds keeping for real grass fields, the work is minimal. However, Sports Grass can provide you with maintenance contracts to help maintain your artificial turf hockey field to the highest standard.

All hockey playing fields have a life span that is affected by the level of annual usage. The life span can be significantly extend by a strict maintenance schedule. Sports Grass can provide you with a contract to cover ongoing hockey field maintenance. In addition to these artificial turf maintenance contracts, some on-site training can be provided to cover basic maintenance.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Owners of AstroTurf sports and hockey fields will need to clean the surface regularly. Drag brushing and removal of larger debris should be performed on a weekly basis. Sanitation is also an issue because of bacteria from sweat, blood and saliva from team players.

Maintenance Contracts

Sports Grass will help you with maintenance and professional cleaning but this is only part of your AstroTurf maintenance. When our team visits your facility, we will also check seam integretity and rubber infill consistency. Your hockey field will be maintained to the highest standard.

  1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
2 Annual Visits £1,300 p.a. £1,100 p.a. £900 p.a.
3 Annual Visits £1,800 p.a. £1,600 p.a. £1,400 p.a.


Our Sport Champ machine uses a low-noise but powerful suction turbine to remove even the smallest debris from your astro turf hockey field. Although primarily used for artificial turf, the Sport Champ machine can cleaned the following synthetic surfaces:

  • AstroTurf
  • Running tracks
  • Tennis courts
  • Car parks
Artificial turf for hockey by sports grass